Best WiFi Adapter for TV. Can I use a USB WiFi stick on TV?

Your TV doesn’t have a WiFi option? And you’re thinking of attaching a computer’s USB WiFi adapter to the TV? Let’s find out how you can solve this problem and what alternatives there are to doing this.

Best WiFi Adapter for TV. Sticks to connect non-smart tv

Can you connect a USB WiFi adapter to your TV?

TVs are simply output devices, but smart TVs include an operating system built into the TV. If you have a smart TV, it has a built-in WiFi adapter.

But if your TV is not a smart TV, then attaching a USB WiFi adapter alone will not work. You also require to install an operating system. So, Simply a computer’s USB WiFi adapter will not work in the USB port of a non-smart tv.

Then, What are other options to connect a non-smart TV to the internet?

How to connect a non-smart TV to a WiFi network?

Actually, you’ll need an operating system for your TV to do this, and there are options to turn a non-smart TV into a smart TV. You can attach a TV sticks or TV smart box to the HDMI port of the TV.

They have an operating system installed on them, such as the Amazon Fire Stick. And they all also include a WiFi adapter. So, using a TV Stick you can connect a non-smart tv to the WiFi and enjoy streaming your favorite shows.

So, let’s look at the best TV sticks on the market. To know more about it go to page : connect non-smart tv to internet

The Best TV Sticks

TV sticks are a great way to access streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. They provide an easy way to watch your favorite shows or movies without having to buy a dedicated streaming device.

With so many options available on the market, it can be hard to decide which TV stick is best for you. Let’s find out.

1) Roku

Roku sticks are powered by Roku OS. It is a streaming device that allows you to watch video content from apps like Netflix. There are no subscription charges for Roku services, but you will need other subscriptions, like Netflix.

Roku has also launched its own channel, which has free-to-watch content but shows ads to the users. Roku popularized the concept of a small, low-cost set-top box for TVs. Many companies manufacture smart TVs powered by Roku. It includes the Roku operating system.

There is a Roku channel store from which users can search and add or remove channels. It is an open-source platform where anyone can create a private or public channel. Though those channels that are not part of its official offerings are not reviewed or certified by Roku.

2) Chromecast

Chromecast was launched in 2013. Chromecast has a different approach to streaming content. Users can control playbacks from their mobile devices.

The content can be mirrored to the TV from the Chrome browser. It comes integrated with Google Assistant. Apart from Google Chrome, more apps are getting ready to cast their content to the TV through Chromecast.

The latest generation of Chromecast comes with Google TV. It includes a remote control to manage the Google TV. It has dedicated YouTube, Netflix, and Google Voice Assistant buttons.

Initially, Chromecast was working on the ChromeOS platform. However, the most recent Chromecast devices with Google TV are powered by Android TV OS. It is controlled via the Google Home app on mobile.

Devices now also support Google Stadia. As a result, it can be used for both gaming and streaming.

3) Amazon Fire TV

The Fire TV Stick is based on Amazon’s Fire OS. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that supports a broad range of apps. It also supports Twitch, which is not available on other devices. It comes with Alexa voice support.

Amazon Fire TV also comes in many variation, below are some of them.

4) Nvidia Shield TV

It is expensive but offers a complete media streaming experience. It includes AI-powered 4K upscaling to convert low-resolution content like 360p to 4K. Though not as clear as the native 4K, it does at least provide a good viewing experience. It comes with Google Assistant support.

Initially, it was built for gaming, but Nvidia has changed the perspective now. Still, you can access games from the Google Play Store and Geforce Now. Streaming to Twitch is currently not available.

NVidia shield TV comes in two variations standard and pro.

5) Apple TV

Apple TV is best for Apple users. It comes with a Siri remote. AirPlay support is a welcome addition for Apple users, allowing them to wirelessly stream content from their phone or tablet to their TV screen.

6) Other streaming devices for TV

There are many other third party stick providers also available. Here are a few more options for you to connect a TV to the WiFi for streaming.

Use mini PC

Here is another alternate. Convert your TV to a PC. Instead of using streaming devices, there is another option: using a Mini PC. They come preinstalled with the Windows or Linux operating systems.

You can stream videos, play games, and do other tasks with more freedom. These are more expensive than streaming devices. They include a built-in WiFi adapter.

Even some of these PCs come in micro-PC format, like an HDMI stick. They are not very powerful, but they can be useful for streaming videos and connecting your TV to WiFi. Checkout Best mini PCs.


Finally, a non-smart TV can be connected to WiFi by using a streaming device or a mini PC. And you require an HDMI port in the TV. We cannot use a standard USB WiFi adapter on the TV. There are many TV Stick options available from their original manufacturer, and many third-party TV Sticks are also available.

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