Undoing Changes Made To Your Computer

Undo is a computer term to reverse the changes you previously made. Almost every computer user is familiar with the undo command when working in programs like Paint or Word. But how do we undo the changes we made to Windows 10’s operating system? Actually, it’s not as simple as pressing Ctrl + U as it is in other Windows applications. However, there are a few ways to reverse the changes made to the operating system. We use the system restore feature in Windows 10 to restore the system to its previous state.. So always keep this setting enabled in Windows.

Undo Changes Made To Your Computer

Windows stuck with message “Undoing changes made to your computer”

Recently some users are getting a weird warning on windows startup that Windows is Undoing changes made to your computer and stuck on the startup. As Windows 10 comes with automatic windows update, so sometimes it installs the latest updates but if they failed in between due to any reason like power failure or internet issue, then Windows reverse the unfinished changes made by the system to avoid the system failure. But still sometimes it gets stuck on the startup with repeated messages of undoing changes. System hangs on this point and keep doing the changes or restart repeatedly.

In Windows 10 Microsoft tries to do everything in auto mode, so to start the system in the recovery mode we first need to do the Hard Shut Down of the computer.


When Windows 10 detects the hard shut down for 2-3 times it automatically starts the PC in recovery mode.

Are you unware about the hard shutdown?

What is Hard Shut Down?

Hard shutdown can be done by pressing the power button for a long time (approx. 5 to 10 seconds). It is a forceful method to turn off the computer / laptop when it freezes or hangs at some point. For a desktop it is possible to directly cut the power source, but in case of laptop you need to long press the power button to hard shut down it.

Why does Windows 10 start undoing changes automatically?

Most probably, this error happened due to the corrupted windows updates. Windows 10 intelligently try to undo the changes done by unfinished updates. But due to some reason it falls in to infinite loop which restarts the system many times and again starts undoing changes.

How do you get rid of the error “Undoing Changes Made To Your Computer”?

  1. Start the windows in Recovery mode by doing hard shutdown.
  2. In recovery mode there are several options to choose from like starting Recovery mode, start in safe mode or access the command prompt.
  3. First of all try by starting the system in Safe mode and then restart in normal mode. See if it works or not? Many small issues get resolved just by restarting the computer is safe mode.
  4. If it does not work, then start in recovery mode and try to run the startup repair.
  5. Go to Troubleshoot -> Advanced Option -> Startup Repair.
  6. If startup repair is unable to fix the issue then Go to Troubleshoot -> Advanced Option -> System Restore.
  7. Unfortunately if you do not find any restore point then backup your data by starting the Windows in Safe mode (if you are able to start it in safe mode) and Reset the PC by choosing the option “keep your files and apps”.

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