Find out the computer hardware related posts. Hardware components like Processor, Motherboard, Case, GPU, Keyboard, Mouse, Camera, Monitor etc.

PC Cases type and sizes

PC cases comes in different sizes, shapes and types. So many people get confused that which is the right computer casing and Which should they buy? I will help you to find out the best […]

Best Mini PCs compatible with Linux

Mini PCs are a popular choice these days due to their compactness. They can be easily put anywhere as they take very little space as compared to a standard desktop PC. The benefit of using

AMD Ryzen vs Intel Core

When we think of buying a new laptop or computer, the first thing that comes to mind is the processor. Which laptop should we choose with an AMD or Intel processor? So Ryzen vs Intel

Computer / Processor generations

You must have heard about the generation when you went to buy a new or old laptop or desktop computer. If not, then you should be aware of this. Actually, it is the generation of

Computer is making loud noise

If you are feeling that computer is making loud noise then first of all, you have to understand the exact type of sound. Sometimes it is normal that laptops or computers make loud noise. But

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